Cottage and Guest House Holidays in Mount Abu

The scenery in this area and all the amazing temples and forts fascinated me. The Brahma Kumaris faith community has its headquarters in this area, and has been represented for many years. There were many visitors to the area and I was made to understand that the area receives over 2 million visitors every year. The deep culture and history is one of the things that captivated me during my holiday.

Cottages in the area

As is the case with many tourist destinations in the world, I discovered that there were many accommodation options available in mount Abu. One of the ideal choices is the cottages that are situated in different parts. A homestay is always a fascinating thing for me because it makes the holiday personal and I can engage with the locals and interact with the surroundings as much as I want and at my own pace. The availability of kitchen facilities also stands out for me because I can enjoy homemade meals.

The cottages I visited in mount Abu have great features. Because of how bio diverse the area is, most of the cottages boasted great gardens. Satellite TV is also available in many of the cottages I got a chance to view as many tourists love to learn, even as they are on the move. Bathrooms and toiletries are available. One of the things I found interesting were the views. It is as if most cottages are strategically placed to offer tourists, some of the most amazing views of the region and believe me, there is a lot to take in.

Guesthouse in mount Abu

While there are many guesthouses that you can choose from in the area, I discovered that you could have a budget holiday or a luxury one depending on how much you are willing to pay. There are many options when it comes to guesthouses but it is always convenient to choose one that is closest to the areas that interest you. There are those that offer the most stunning views of the mountain while others are near areas that are considered spiritual. Mount Abu receives so many visitors in summer. The Abu road offers an easy way to access the destination.

One scene that will be forever on my mind is the setting sun. There are guesthouses that offer the best view of this and if you are intrigued by nature, then this is the place to be. There is Nakki Lake where boating activities are carried out. This is an area of great importance spiritually.

With privacy on the homestays in Mount Abu, you can be able to do so much. Take your time to see the area in comfort. Guesthouses in mount Abu are also available and you can get amazing holiday deals here.

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