Hay Day Dog Bot Full Setup Trick October 2017 Bot

Hay Day Dog Bot Full Setup Trick October 2017 Bot Aaj Ke Iss Post Me Batane Ja Raha Hun Ki Hay Day Dog Bot Kaise Install Kiya Jaata Hain Aur Kaise Play Kiya Jaata Hain Uski Puri Jankari Dene Waala Hun To Dosto Iss Post Ko Follow Aur Full Read Kare

Hay Day Dog Bot Full Setup Trick
Hay Day Dog Bot Full Setup Trick October 2017 Bot

Hay Day Game Ek Bahut Hi Popular Game Hain Jo Har Country Me Khela Jaata Hain Isme Sabse Jada Log Trade Aur Upgrade Karna Pasand Karte Hain Hay Day Ke Naam Se Bahut Se Trade Group Hain. Mein Bhi Iss Game Ko 5 Saal Se Khel Raha Hun. Isliye Mein Hay Day Players Ko Hay Day Dog Kaise Install Karte Hain Bataunga.


Hay Day Configuring Dogbot

To get started, download the program Charles, install it and copy the file charles.jar in a folder “lib” the program. Or download the program from other site. If You Have Mac Pc Click Here Download Charles Mac.


Find Your Current IP Address :-

For Windows: To find your local ip, open a command prompt (win+R and write “cmd”) and write “ipconfig“.

For Mac :- Go into the “Settings” -> “Network” and below the “Status” is your local ip.


Hay Day Dog Bot Full Setup Trick October 2017 Bot

Steps 1 :- Download and install on your device AutoProxy и Iptables+(beta)+v1.2.apk

Step 2 :- Install Carles In Your PC Or MacOs Then go to Settings -> Proxy Settings Check “Enable Socks Proxy” and port 1080.


Step 3 : Go to Tools -> Map Remote Settings. Check “Enable Map Remote” and choose “Add”.

In the first field “Port” write 9339.
In the second field“Host” write your local ip.
In the second field “Port” write 9339.
Press OK

Step 4 :- On the device, go to AutoProxy and press +.

Writing in the first field your local IP. Second field, port1080. In the third field, select “SOCKS”. And press back.

Press on proxy, then press connect.

Step 5 : Open BOT. Go to the tab “Proxy” and in the first line prescribe your local computer ip and port9339.
I have it looks like this:
And click “Start Proxy”.

On the device, go to the game Hay Day. Bot captures the data (if the data is not going, turn off the firewall on the computer).
In all this we need a block that is “Client-Server” and starting with 27 75 “xx xx xx xx xx” (after 27 75 at all different).
Copy and paste the block to notebook.

Step 6 :-

In Notepad, edit the data obtained so as to obtain as in the screenshot.

Remove field with 27 75 “xx xx xx xx xx”, remove digits before the data like “00000000:”, and remove all like “…..a>w…(hzctw3h6pdfc3x7ezxt2kdke”.

Step 7 :-

Now we must add in BOT the profile.
Click “Add Profile”.

In field “Name” write any name. In field “Server” – game.haydaygame.com:9339.
In field “Fixed Key Part” – tYvyCWtICfiQe63RGuXmtU2hyvmhQJGgGIHk3XBMSek

Click on “…”(check screenshot).
Insert your details to the lowest field and click OK.

It should look like:


Step 8 :-

Check connections BOT.
Turn off the Charles and AutoProxy, for the bot they are not needed.
Click on your profile. Click on tab “Hay Day”. Click on “Connect and Login”.

If all you see in the screenshot, not issued “Login Failed”, then all is well 🙂



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